DOJ FOIA Releases

ICAC [Internet Crimes Against Children] Task Forces that are not performing at a high level will in fact see their funding levels decrease.
— 2014 OJP FOIA No. 15-00305

Despite the massive scope of the trade in child rape and torture in America, the U.S. Government has not collected comprehensive data on child porn arrests.

Given the crisis level of the crime, the U.S. Government should have begun to gather public data a long time ago. This data is needed to frame and pursue public policy, conduct better investigations and achieve better legal prosecution of this crime.

After nearly four years The Department of Justice (DOJ) finally answered our Freedom of Information (FOIA) request for data collected by the DOJ funded Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Taskforces. The full FOIA response is here.

 FOIA from DOJ's Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforces

FOIA from DOJ's Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforces


Special recognition and thanks is due to Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)  new Administrator Robert Listenbee. Mr. Listenbee answered our FOIA request within weeks. His staff were professional and concerned about the issue of child pornography. Every interaction with Mr. Listenbee and his staff exceeded our expectations.

So while we now have some information on DOJ's Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) child pornography arrest rates, there are several problems with this data.

First, it is only for arrests claimed by ICAC Taskforces. Arrests made by local, state, and federal agencies outside of the ICAC Taskforces are not necessarily included.

Second, very basic demographic information is missing. For example, it is impossible to search by profession. How many police officers, professors, day-care workers, etc. have been arrested? There is no way to find out.

Currently, this kind of information is impossible to locate because the U.S. Government does not gather it.


DOJ Response to FOIA Request on Reported ICAC Arrest Rates

Gathering demographics on child porn arrests is important.

For example, Americans need to know who is committing this crime - overwhelming white, middle-age men.

According to the US Sentencing Commission more than 85 percent of child porn convicts are white men; average age 43 years old.

The demand for child porn by white men is destroying America's children.

That is important information that the public needs to know.

The American public also needs to know demographics of where trade in child rape and torture is happening; on college campuses, in our elementary and secondary schools, our workplaces, places of worship, communities, neighborhoods, and in our families.

We cannot protect children and prevent the trade in rape and torture if we do not know and understand the massive scope of America's fasting growing crime being committed against a generation of America's children.

This is what Data4Justice has set out to do.